RFT-001SG RF Transformer


RF Transformer


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  • Core mounted Horizontal or Vertical.
  • Hipot voltage:2500Vrms.
  • Ferrite core material.
  • Custom designs available
  • Rate current @40ºC TYP temperature rise
  • Ideally used as common mode noise filter for TV,VCR, Switching power supply,NC machine,PC&PC related advice,measurement and control unit.

Attributes Instructions
Bandwidth 0.4-500MHz
Base Type PCB(Pin Distance :1.27mm)
Coupling NA
Impedance Ratio 1:1


Core mounted Horizontal or Vertical, Hipot voltage:2500Vrms, Ferrite core material, Custom designs available, Rate current @40°C TYP temperature rise, Ideally used as common mode noise filter for TV, VCR, Switching power supply, NC machine, PC&PC rela

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